'The coffin is so small' Mourner beautifully describes Queen lying in state and her legacy

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Mourners are queuing overnight in London for the Queen’s lying in state while the King is set to take a day away from public duties. Members of the public can pay their respects to the late monarch’s coffin 24 hours a day at Westminster Hall, with queues along Lambeth Bridge and Albert Embankment continuing to flow all night. Catherine from Nottinghamshire told BBC News: “It’s the thought, it’s the way people are in awe. This woman, this tiny little coffin and the crown is so small, it’s like a child’s.

“The power that she gave to the world and as I said earlier, she was our constant.

“She said a very interesting thing about her husband Philip that he was her strength and her stay.

“I believe Queen Elizabeth was our strength and our stay for all of us because no matter what happened she was always there.

“She didn’t judge. She had compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and love and I think that has given more to the world than anything.

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“If only other leaders could be that way, wouldn’t we live in a wonderful place?”

While Catherine from Connecticut added: “I came with my younger sister. We both admired Elizabeth and think she’s done so much.

“We knew we had to be here for this moment and go and say thank you.

“It was very emotional and poignant to see people go and pay their respects.

People waiting in line are being given a coloured and numbered wristband to manage the queue.

It is the first night people can pay their respects to the Queen after the ancient hall opened at 5pm on Wednesday.

At 2.30am on Thursday the queue was almost three miles long and stretched to London Bridge.

On Wednesday afternoon, the King led the royal family in a public display of homage by walking behind the Queen’s coffin during a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it will lie in state until the state funeral on Monday.

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