The most hilarious names parents have given their unfortunate kids – from Dickie Head to Hashtag Follow


    WHEN UKIP members named Richard Braine their new leader last week, they may not have realised why some people thought it was hilarious.

    But former Chancellor George Osborne was on hand to point out on Twitter: “The new leader of UKIP is called Mr Dick Braine — really.”

    Richard or Dick Braine was elected UKIP leader on Saturday

    The pro-Brexit party leader has since said he’d change his name “to stop the bullying”, and took a swipe at Osborne who changed his name to George from Gideon as a teen.

    But if poor old Dick Braine thought his name was bad, he should be grateful he didn’t end up with one of these instead:

    Bone to pick

    Michelle was probably given a hard time about this in High School

    Head doctor

    This man has definitely chosen to go by his initials on purpose

    Heroic choice

    He’s the hero that Singapore deserves, but not the one it needs right now

    Adult ambition

    Let’s hope a less amusing name is given to Destinee’s child

    Stroke of genius


    His parents must’ve been pleased when they knocked this name out[/caption]

    Soldier of misfortune

    If he gets promoted, he’ll be Lieutenant Colonel Dickie Head, which is a lot less sarcastic

    Hold the phone

    Having the same name as your employer’s biggest competitor probably isn’t advisable

    Baptism of fire

    This guy’s mum and dad basically determined his profession for him at birth

    Crystal clear

    What else has she been selling?

    The cheek of it

    The stuff of prank phone calls

    Good god

    The first name is probably pronounced ‘hay-zoos’, but still…

    Dirty politics

    A political candidate who understands what Dick Braine is going through

    No more mister nice guy

    When his name is read in court, is it ‘Mr Mister Love’?

    Judge rude-y

    Surely better judgement would make him go by ‘William’

    Peculiar passport

    Poor Natalia probably has a lot of questions to answer every time she flies

    Cock of the walk

    This fella’s not just ‘today’s winner’…

    Slippery slope

    Hopefully his name doesn’t reflect his performance

    Cop a load of this

    Not the name you’d really want in charge of a police force


    Social media really has taken over some people’s lives

    Comic cabby

    At least it gives his fares a better talking point than: ‘Have you been busy?’

    Your what?!


    Michael Litoris should’ve anticipated this before giving his nickname[/caption]

    Cock it up

    Probably feels envious of Dixie Normous

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

    Not even named after a specific Star Wars character

    Come up short

    Best mates with Dick Smalley, I imagine

    Driving ambition

    You can tell his parents wanted him to either be a playwright, a composer, or an astronaut

    In a jam

    After you’ve been named after doughnuts, there’s not much you can do about it

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