The new Iron Lady! Truss believes she is the heir Margaret Thatcher now she must prove it

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If Ms Truss is to still be Prime Minister in two years’ time when she will have had to go to the country for an election then somehow she has to win back the trust lost to a massive increase in inflation and the Partygate scandal.

For that she needs to be more than a female “continuity Boris” as some have tried to portray her, she cannot just stick with the political agenda of her predecessor even though many of his most loyal supporters backed her.

Instead, as the Techne UK poll revealed this morning, she needs to prioritise the energy crisis and tax cuts.

In her victory speech, Ms Truss said: “I campaigned as a Conservative, I intend to govern as a Conservative.”

Her backers among MPs, particularly the powerful Brexiteer European Research Group (ERG), were more blunt.

They said she was the candidate to “unite the right.”

There is no doubt that she now sees herself as the heir to Thatcher, she has deepened her voice like the Iron Lady and even dressed like the greatest peacetime Conservative leader.

And like Mrs T she now faces a massive economic crisis to get to grips with and a series of very difficult political choices.

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It is rarely easy when a Prime Minister takes over – Boris had the Brexit negotiation crisis and a hung parliament, Theresa May came in after the EU referendum with no plan, David Cameron had to deal with five years of coalition and the worst economic crisis in a generation.

Somehow in 12 years of going from one crisis to another and one Prime Minister to another the Conservatives have managed to hold on to power.

But if Ms Truss is to continue this trend against a weak and bland Labour leader she will have to show she has the right answers to restore trust in her party again.

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