'This union built your party!' Labour's Yvette Cooper tongue-tied over strike action

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The Labour MP was grilled over her party’s view on worker strikes amid an ongoing dispute over pay and working conditions across several leading unions. Yvette Cooper affirmed that the Labour party does support the right to strike, despite leading party figures being discouraged from attending picket lines and a lack of clear statements of support from politicians. As a consequence of Labour’s cautious approach to backing striking workers, unions that make huge donations to the party are threatening to significantly cut or even completely withdraw their funding. The threat of a huge financial strike has put Labour in a perilous position as the party must convince trade unionists they are committed to securing better conditions for thousands of workers.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, host Robert Rinder said: “This is the union that built the Labour party that’s saying you’re not standing shoulder to shoulder with them anymore. 

“They’re striking, they’re ordinary people whose real wages are going down.

“Do you support strikes, yes or no? You can’t be that worried about your job.”

Ms Cooper replied: “We support people’s right to strike, of course.”

The Shadow Home Secretary continued: “It’s really important. It’s how working people over very many decades have been able to try and argue for better pay and better conditions. 

“People have the right to withdraw their labour. 

“We also want to see a proper government plan – we’re trying to be the next Labour government, that’s the point that Keir Starmer has made. 

“That means we have to set out a plan to get lower inflation, to get stronger growth and to get these fair pay agreements in place – which is the way the government can support better pay and conditions for working people.”

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