Time-lapse video unveils growing queue of mourners trailing back to Blackfriars Bridge

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Time-lapse footage from the city of London has unveiled the true length of the public queue to see the Queen lie in state at Westminster Hall. The Queen’s body was moved in a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday, where the coffin will remain until the state funeral service on Monday. Those wishing to pay their respects to the late monarch have been warned of queues stretching for miles across the capital as stewards predict wait times of at least eight hours.

A video of the rapidly growing queue was published on Twitter by BBC News correspondent Frankie McMamley.

A caption reported: “It is now snaking under Blackfriars Bridge. They are being told there is at least a seven or eight-hour wait.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have descended on the capital to visit the Queen during the four-day period, with the doors of Westminster Hall open 24 hours a day in an effort to accommodate the huge crowds.

City authorities have made plans for the queue to reach up to ten miles in length before the line would be temporarily closed to new entrants.

By midnight on Wednesday, the public queue remained well over two miles long, with dedicated mourners queuing through the night to honour their late Queen.

The Government has published a live queue tracker on YouTube, providing information on the queue length and the nearest landmark to join from.

A What3Words reference has also been provided in the stream in order to give mourners a more precise location.

However, GB News correspondent Ellie Costello warned: “It is actually quite difficult to find the back of the queue. There is the YouTube link that people are using, but it seems a little bit out of date.”

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