Top Russian colonel killed in ‘car bomb’ as net tightens on evil Putin’s trusted inner cir

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Bardin Artem Igorevich, who was in charge of the occupied Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, was reportedly killed in an explosion that was seen and heard across the city. Footage appeared to show Igorevich’s car on fire just moments after an explosion hit the city. The ally of Putin was rushed to hospital but died of his wounds, according to Yaroslav Trofimov, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, quoting the Russian military regime in Zaporizhzhia.

Reports have since suggested that the explosion was caused by pro-Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine has not taken responsibility for the attack as of yet.

This follows a string of targeted attacks in recent weeks as Putin’s inner circle are on their guard.

Former NATO chief Gary Tabach, now based in Kyiv, said Ukrainian forces were “hunting down” Kremlin sympathisers in the occupied territories.

He told The Sun Online: “Guys who betrayed Ukraine; some of the deputies, some of the leaders of Ukraine who ended up in Russia right now voluntarily, will be for the rest of their lives hunted down.

“Ukrainians have a very good imagination, they’re very innovative and are good at tracking them down.”

The Ministry of Defence offered an update on the war in Ukraine this morning.

They said: “Over the last 24 hours, heavy fighting has taken place on three fronts: in the north, near Kharkiv; in the east in the Donbas; and in the south in Kherson Oblast.

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The Kyiv Independent shared a list of losses that Putin’s army has faced since their invasion on February 22.

As well as troops, Russian military has also reportedly lost 2,097 tanks, 237 planes, and 4,520 APV.

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