Tough luck Nicola! Audience ROARS as Truss pulls rug from under Sturgeon independence plot

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Conservative members broke into cheers at the hustings, applauding Liz Truss when she ruled out allowing a second independence referendum. 

When asked if she would ever allow a second referendum, she said: “If I am elected as the Prime Minister, I would not allow a second independence referendum.”

Amid applause, she added: “We had a referendum in 2014. It was once in a generation. Once in a generation is not up in 2022.


When pressed on the timeline for Scotland to change its future, Liz Truss said: “At the time of the 2014 referendum, it was agreed by the SNP that it was a once-in-a-generation referendum.

“And I believe in politicians keeping their promises. 

“And Nicola Sturgeon should keep her promise.”


Since the 2014 referendum, Nicola Sturgeon has failed to hold a new referendum, with Westminster arguing the SNP promoted it as a once-in-a-generation vote. 

Despite Ms Sturgeon’s repeated calls for a second referendum, Westminster has refused to grant a section 30 order, which would allow Holyrood to hold a second referendum. 

Liz Truss’ comments follow Rishi Sunak’s who also ruled out giving a section 30 order to Holyrood, should he become Prime Minister. 

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