Traffic jams hit Kharkiv as 'residents return' despite MoD warning of 'heavy fighting'

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A 28-second clip appeared to show long queues of cars waiting to get back into Kharkiv some 196 days after Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine. A mixture of cars, lorries and vans were all visible in the clip and all vehicles were ground to a halt.

Twitter user @vbobber1 said: “People are returning to Kharkiv, there is a traffic jam at the entrance. No Europe can replace our native city.”

@biz_ukraine_mag replied: “Traffic jams in Kharkiv as residents return home.”

However, @awererger added: “Many Kharkivers are returning to their city.

“Here is a traffic jam when driving into the city.

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“Places of residence such as Saltivka (large prefabricated housing estate) are still hardly habitable.”

However, a recent intelligence update by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed heavy fighting was still taking place on several fronts.

The MoD said yesterday: “Over the last 24 hours, heavy fighting has taken place on three fronts: in the north, near Kharkiv; in the east in the Donbas; and in the south in Kherson Oblast.

“Russia’s planned main effort is probably an advance on Bakhmut in the Donbas, but commanders face a dilemma of whether to deploy operational reserves to support this offensive, or to defend against continued Ukrainian advances in the south.

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