UK flooding alert issued as rivers set to rise – public told 'be prepared'

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People living in the vicinity of the Essex coast at Coalhouse Fort and surrounding marshland have been told to “act now” as flooding to coastal roads and footpaths is expected between 1.15pm and 5.15pm today. This is due to tides being higher than usual. The government says Coalhouse Fort, the car park, and low lying land between the fort and Coalhouse Point are at the highest risk. Its statement for these areas says: “Take care on coastal roads and footpaths, and don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger. We are monitoring the situation and not expecting the situation to escalate.”

The ‘act now’ advice urges households to move family and pets to safety, any valuables upstairs, and drive their vehicles away from the flood risk zone, preferably to higher land. 

Flood barriers and air bricks should be used, and electricity supply to be switched off. 

There are three other alerts for other coastal areas in the south east, as sporadic showers sweep across the UK today.

Two others encapsulate other parts of the Essex coastline, including Clacton – from St Peters Flat, the Colne and Blackwater estuaries, extending to Shoeburyness. 

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