UK lags behind EU states' measures to tackle rising energy prices in blow to consumers

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France has introduced a cap on electricity prices at 4 percent until the end of 2022.

Italy, France, Germany and Spain have also provided more funds to support households than the UK government.

Britain has so far released a support package of £16bn to help households.

That compares to the €27.3bn in Spain, €49.5bn in Italy, €60.2bn in Germany and €44.7bn in France.

Although the UK has also introduced a one-ff £400 energy bill discount for all consumers and a £500m support package to local councils, in Germany, the government has offered a €300 one-off discount, €200 one-off payment for people on benefits and €100 per child for families on child support.

When it comes to EU-wide support, the EU Commission is also proposing a price cap on Russian gas, alongside measures including a mandatory EU cut in electricity use and a cap on the revenue of non-gas power generators.

Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday: “We will propose a price cap on Russian gas… We must cut Russia’s revenues which Putin uses to finance this atrocious war in Ukraine.”

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia will stop supplying gas and oil if price caps are imposed.

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