UK weather: Britons brace for scorching 27C heat as dire thunderstorm warning issued

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This is set to be followed by “sunny spells” later on in what will be a largely “fine” day. However, there still will be some risk of “isolated “showers as the day goes on.

This will be followed by stronger winds later on Monday in the southwest.

There will also be more showers on Monday evening in southwest England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

He said: “It will be rather breezy across Scotland as we start off Monday morning with rain pushing northwards.

“Still the chance of some heavier bursts in there.

“Sunny spells follow on behind for Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

“And although low pressure is in charge of our weather , for many Monday will be a fairly fine day.

“Still the chance of some isolated showers, but many will stay largely dry.

“In the sunshine, temperatures also climbing with peaks of around 25 to 27C across eastern England. 

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“So there will always be the risk of showers and thunderstorms, but others may still see those drier intervals in between.

“As low pressure shifts its way eastwards ,winds will tend to ease down a a bit and we’ll see temperatures drop off ever so slightly.”

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