UK weather: Brits brace for thunder, showers, flooding and hail as mercury peaks at 25C

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However according to Greg Dewhurst a meteorologist with the metrological service there will also be “sunny spells” on Tuesday with temperatures rising into the 20s reaching a peak of 25. However Mr Dewhurst conformed that showers would remerge on Tuesday evening.

He said: “Temperature wise, another warm and muggy night to come.

“Southerly winds keeping temperatures up around 15 or 16 Celsius for many of us, perhaps in the countryside , 12 or 13.

“So it means a warm, muggy start to Tuesday morning ,plenty of sunny spells, but already the few showers across northern parts of England and Scotland continuing to push their way northwards.

“Turning heavy into the afternoon, some rumbles of thunder, further heavy showers pushing northwards across the rest of the UK.

“Some rumbles of thunder, some hail, some gusty winds in there too.

“The risk of some flooding.

“But there will be some sunny spells in between and where we get the sunshine.

“Temperatures lifting into the low 20s still towards the mid 20s across the southeast. 

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“Some clear skies overnight.”

Wednesday would be another day of sunshine and showers according to Mr Dewhurst.

He said: “But overall, another warm night to come, temperatures 14 or 15 Celsius to start Wednesday morning.

“So Wednesday, another day of sunshine and showers across the UK.

“Showers will be heavy at times .

“Some hail some thunder as well, the risk of some thunder as well, the risk of some flooding in places.

“But there will be some brighter interludes between the showers.

“Perhaps showers more widespread across the whole of the UK come the afternoon and a little bit fresher to temperatures generally across the board in the low twenties.”

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