UK Weather: Brits set to roast in 27C heat followed by dire rain warning

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However, according to Meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth, there will also be the possibility of rain particularly in southern England, western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Ms Shuttleworth also explained that Friday would see a “chilly” start to the day.

According to the meteorologist, cloud will thicken overnight across the far northwest of Northern Ireland where there may also be some rainfall.

She added: “But elsewhere across much of northern England, Scotland and central England and Wales ,it’ll be a dry and largely clear night.

“Temperatures will dip down into single figures once again, though it won’t be quite as chilly as it was last night.

“So a chilly but bright start for many of those central and northern areas of the UK. “

However, the meteorologist explained that some areas would see showers early on Friday.

Across the south Brits can expect to see showers in the early hours which are set to clear and brighten up into the afternoon though showers may linger in the Midlands.

“Across Northern Ireland and the western isles it will turn cloudier and wetter with rain becoming more persistent through the afternoon.

“Further west where we see drier weather, it will feel relatively warm in the sunshine.” 

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However, as Ms Shuttleworth explained, Saturday will be wetter with the a yellow weather warning for rain issues for northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland.

She said: “But for Northern Ireland and the western areas of Scotland ,it will turn wetter as heavy rain continues into Saturday morning.

“The winds will pick up around this heavy rain too.

“Through the rest of Saturday that heavy rain is going to continue to push in through northwestern areas.”

As the meteorologist explained, there will also be a risk of thunderstorms.

She said: “And there is a weather warning for rain in force for parts of northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland, too.

“Humid air across the east could bring a risk of thunderstorms as well.

“And through Sunday there’s a continued risk of these fronts pushing heavy bands of rain across the country.”

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