UK weather forecast: Scorching 26C blast to cook Britain as intense heat returns NEXT WEEK

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At the start of next week, the south west of England will see the best of the high temperatures, potentially hitting 25 degrees in parts of Cornwall and Devon on Tuesday.

BBC weatherman Ben Rich said: “As we move out of Monday into Tuesday, some high pressure still to the north of us. To the south, [there are] signs of lower pressure building, say over the Bay of Biscay, with the chance of some showers being thrown northwards across the Channel Islands and possibly into the southern counties of England.”

The temperatures will climb further up the country on Wednesday, with highs of 25 degrees across the south west, as well as 24 degrees in southern Wales.

This band of warmth will move upwards on Thursday, bringing 25 degree heat to Wales and parts of the Midlands, while the south east coast comparatively chills with highs of 17 degrees.

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