UK weather forecast – Temperature to PLUMMET to 2C in parts tonight as more ‘severe’ thunderstorms batter Britain, Met Office warns


TONIGHT may be a night for pyjamas and an extra blanket as the temperatures are set to drop to 2C.

As well as a chill, the Met Office warned that ‘severe’ thunderstorms are heading our way.

According to Aidan McGivern from Met Office, the north and east will drop to single figures and in parts of the country it could be as low as 2C.

He said: “Cloud will start thickening for south west England late on Tuesday night. By the end of the evening across Cornwall and Devon and into west wales will see a few drips and drabs of rain by the end of the night.

“Cloudy skies in the west will mean that temperatures will hold at double figures largely, but elsewhere into the north and east we are into the single figures in the countryside and a low of 2C for some sheltered highland areas.”


For those early-risers on Wednesday there will be a ‘wetness’ in the air and for south wales and south wet England it will be a wet and windy start to the day.

Aidan continued: “The rain wind will move its way northwards and eastwards through the morning, turning wetter across south central and southeastern England by lunch time.”

Into Wednesday evening there will be some heavy thundery downpours for parts of the Midlands into East Anglia.

For tomorrow a yellow weather warning has been issued from 2pm on Wednesday.

According to the Met Office website, heavy showers and thunderstorms could cause flooding and transport disruption in the midlands.

Northern Ireland will see see blustery showers in the early hours of Thursday morning, but for many places it will remain cloudy.

Aidan added: “It’s going to be an unsettled few days but the showers should slowly die away by Thursday, there will be showers in eastern Scotland and eastern England as well. As further west the weather should calm down and dry up and brightens up through the day.

“Thursday’s not looking bad, there will be some sunny spells and increasingly so through the afternoon. Once again, temperatures not far from average, we are looking at high teens, low twenties.”

But more unsettled weather is expected for Friday and the weekend with heavy rain in the south on Saturday and showers in the north.

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Rain and dark clouds over Glasgow in the south of the city[/caption]

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Large waves hit the coastline at Porthleven a few days ago[/caption]


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