Ukraine LIVE: 'Deceived!' Putin ROCKED as Russian soldiers push back on shocking treatment

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Ukrainian MP Alexey Goncharenko shared a video on Twitter of the alleged attack on an ammunition depot in Dzhankoy, Crimea. 

He commented: “Crimea! Right now, an ammunition depot in Dzhankoy exploded. Dzhankoy is an important railway junction for the Russian army through which they transfer weapons and personnel. Glory to Ukraine!”

The footage, which has not been independently verified, shows fires raging and a series of explosions.

In a second tweet, Mr Goncharenko claimed: “An electric substation that worked for the railway also exploded in [Russian] occupied Dzhankoi. The movement of trains with ammunition has been stopped for some time.”

The Ukrainian MP continued: “Putin and [former Russian President Dmitry] Medvedev threatened doomsday for strikes on Crimea.

“Now, after many strikes on military facilities in Crimea, only one conclusion can be drawn: Putin understands only power. And when we show it, he is immediately silent and tries to negotiate.”

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