All About Cory Tran: The Man Behind the Lens

Cory Tran is an acclaimed photographer and adventurer, recognized not only for his professional accomplishments but also for his private life. He has managed to carve out an impressive career and build a successful life with his partner, actress Freida Pinto. Here, we delve deeper into the life of Cory Tran, providing a comprehensive insight into his life and career.

He and Pinto became engaged in a field

It was in a secluded Utah canyon , amidst the enchanting natural beauty, that Cory Tran proposed to Freida Pinto . Tran knew that he wanted the engagement to be a private, intimate affair that truly reflected their shared love for adventure and the great outdoors. Their engagement in November 2019 was followed by beautiful and aesthetic photos of the couple that flooded their respective social media handles.

Tran treasured the moment for what it was- a beautiful testament to their love and a memory they’d cherish for the rest of their lives. There was no extravagant display of wealth or public engagement, but a simple and heartfelt proposal in a field that resonated with their love for nature.

They quietly eloped amidst the pandemic

As the world grappled with the unforgiving pandemic , Cory Tran and Freida Pinto decided to take their relationship to the next level by declaring their eternal love to each other. They got married in a simple ceremony, opting to elope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020. It was a quiet and intimate affair, safeguarded from public and media eyes.

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Despite the world being in chaos due to the pandemic, Tran and Pinto found solace in each other’s company. The quiet elopement was a testament to their love and their commitment to stand by each other in times of crisis.

He shares a close friendship with Bobby Berk

Among his various friendships, one that stands out prominently is Cory Tran ‘s friendship with Bobby Berk , renowned author and star of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Their close-knit bond is evident from their social media posts where they often express mutual admiration and share insights into their adventures together.

Tran has confessed that his friendship with Berk has tremendously enriched his life. From sharing life tips and advice to indulging in fun-filled adventures, their friendship is a true embodiment of camaraderie and mutual respect.

He and Pinto have a son together

Adding another chapter to their love story, Cory Tran and Freida Pinto welcomed their son, Rumi-Ray , into the world in November 2021. Becoming parents was a transition that the couple embraced willingly, welcoming the joys and challenges that came along.

The couple often shares adorable photos and life updates of their son on their social media handles, thereby letting their fans be a part of their parenting journey. Their private life reflects their shared love and commitment to their son and each other.

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He and Pinto learn parenting strategies from each other

The transition to parenthood is an enriching journey that Tran and Pinto have embarked upon. As new parents, they’re learning and adapting to their new roles and responsibilities. They often lean on each other for support, accelerating their learning curve as parents.

From mastering the art of diaper changing to understanding their son’s sleep patterns – they’ve been picking up parenting strategies from each other, creating a harmonious and loving environment for their son. Pinto has often praised Tran’s calm and patient nature, acknowledging how his instincts have helped shape their parenting style.

His profession is photography

Cory Tran is a professional photographer, particularly noted for his breathtaking landscape and portrait photography. His work embodies his love for adventure and exploration, and his knack for capturing the beauty and essence of his subjects is highly esteemed.

His photos are often characterized by a commendable blend of natural light and colours, beautifully syncing with the environment’s raw emotions. Tran’s photography is a beautiful symphony of his artistic perspective and the subject’s raw emotions, making each photo a captivating piece of art.

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He loves adventure and traveling

When Cory Tran isn’t behind the lens, he is an adventurer at heart. His love for adventure is evident in his work and lifestyle. He has an unquenchable thirst for exploration, whether it’s exploring remote areas or adventuring in popular tourist spots – Tran loves it all.

His social media is a testament to his love for travel, adorned with photos from various adventures and travels. From climbing mountains to wandering in forests, Cory’s adventurous spirit is undeniably captivating and brings a unique touch to his photography.

Key Highlights Details
Engagement Engaged to Freida Pinto in a Utah canyon
Wedding Eloped amidst the pandemic
Friendship Close friend of Bobby Berk
Parenthood Father to Rumi-Ray
Profession Professional Photographer
Passion Loves travelling and adventure

Lessons Learned

Indeed, Cory Tran’s life is a testament to living one’s passion while maintaining a harmonious personal life. The lessons from his life underscore the importance of following one’s dreams, embracing adventures, cherishing relationships, and deriving joy from life’s simple moments.

Regardless of the peaks and troughs in life, Tran’s philosophy is to stay grounded, be in tune with nature and remain committed to his craft. Be it in his professional capacity as a photographer or in his personal life as a partner and father, his values-orientated approach always shines through.

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