US Open crowd boos as Nick Kyrgios celebrates illegal shot vs Daniil Medvedev

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The US Open Arthur Ashe Stadium crowd started booing during Nick Kyrgios’ clash with Daniil Medvedev when the 23rd seed blew a break point chance with an illegal shot. The fans were applauding the Australian’s impressive ball before seeing the point awarded to the reigning champion, prompting boos to ring out through the stands.

Kyrgios was threatening the Medvedev serve at 1-1 30-30 and stunned the crowd with a passing shot that the top seed struggled to return, sending the ball looping into the air and about to land on his side of the net, which would gift his opponent a break point.

But the 27-year-old didn’t let the rally end there, as he continued running with the momentum from his previous shot, crossing over to Medvedev’s side of the net and taking the ball out of the air before it bounced, smashing it onto the Russian’s side. As he celebrated with a finger in the air, the scoreboard flashed up showing that the world No 1 had actually won the point, prompting a series of boos from the crowd.

Both the fans and Kyrgios had appeared to forget that crossing the line was illegal, automatically giving the point to the 2021 champion. The 27-year-old took the decision well as Medvedev managed to escape successfully with a hold for 1-1. 

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