Victoria viewers furious American fans ‘ruined’ the new series after it aired in the US first


FURIOUS Victoria viewers have hit out at American fans for “spoiling” the series after it aired in the US before the UK.

The royal ITV drama – which stars actress Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria – was broadcast first in America on PBS Masterpiece.

Victoria fans are furious the series was given to America first

It began airing in January in the US with British fans furious that they had to wait until after American fans had seen it before they could enjoy it.

Fans took to Twitter to slam the fans across the atlantic for tweeting about the show already.

One wrote: “Can the Americans f*** off and not spoil this series for us? The Americans should have never got it first so just be quite and shut the f*** up #Victoria”

A second said: “The US should NEVER have got to see this before we did considering it was supposed to be written for the damned UK. But seeing as you HAVE seen it can you STFT and not spoil it for every one else thanks. F***ing hells sake. #Victoria”

In tonight’s episode an angry riot tried to storm the palace
The Queen went into labour after a brick was hurled at her

A third said: “How did the Americans get to see Victoria before the UK??? Talk about taking liberties!!! #victoria”

Another enraged viewer added: “Right Americans f*** off and shut the f*** up. Don’t be mean spirited c***bags by spoiling what is OUR shows. And can everyone banging on about f***ing Brexit also STFU. I would like one hour of my life where I’m not having it rammed down my f***ing throat. #victoria”

Victoria producer Damien Timmer previously explained the reason British fans had to wait longer than the Americans.

He told The Sun Online: “The truth is terribly boring and simple and really quite uncontroversial, which is we delivered the show just before Christmas.


“ITV have Vera and Endeavour, which we make which has that slot, and as soon as they were finished, this Victoria [airs].

“It was available for American audiences in January which is our traditional slot.

“So we were very relaxed about them getting the premiere, it’s incredibly popular there, why would we not? I accept that it upset lots of people.”

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