Wallace savages Russia's failing invasion as 25k lost: 'Not a single objective achieved!'

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Mr Wallace provided an update to MPs on Monday as Ukrainian forces gain momentum in their offensive to liberate the southern region of Kherson from Russian occupation. The Defence Secretary praised the heroic resistance of Ukraine’s Armed Forces while pointing out the dire causalities suffered by Putin’s army and the general lack of clear progress by Russian forces in the war. 

Mr Wallace told MPs: “Russia continues to lose significant equipment and personnel.

“It is estimated to date that over 25,000 Russian soldiers have lost their lives and in all, if you include killed casualties captured, or the now reported tens of thousands of deserters is over 80,000 dead or injured in the other categories.

“This will have a long-lasting impact on Russia’s army and its future combat effectiveness.

“Russia has yet to achieve any of its strategic objectives and we are now on day 194 of what was envisaged in total to be a month-long campaign.”


Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are making “real gains” but the fighting is “close and hard”, the Defence Secretary has said.

On Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, Ben Wallace told the Commons “Ukraine has inflicted serious damage on a range of river crossings with the aim of restricting Russian logistical support”.

He went on: “As of today, the Ukrainian army are engaging with Russian forces using both artillery and ground-level operations.

“They are making real gains but understandably, as we have seen elsewhere in this conflict, the fighting is close and hard and Ukraine are suffering losses associated with an attacking force.”


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