Watch as Kyrgios takes ‘toilet break’ so he can walk off court to smash up two rackets before he is fined £93k for outbursts


TENNIS bad-boy Nick Kyrgios has been fined £93,000 after walking off to smash two rackets in a “toilet break” during his Cincinatti Masters defeat.

The steaming Aussie did not even pretend to be court short and also verbally abused umpire Fergus Murphy – calling him a “tool” – as the world No27 lost 6-7 7-6 6-2 to Karen Khachanov.

Nick Kyrgios returns with his bent double - two rackets he smashed on a toilet break
Nick Kyrgios returns with his bent double – rackets he broke on a toilet break
Aussie Nick Kyrgios heads off in defiance of the umpire for a toilet break that he used for more violent purposes
Aussie Nick Kyrgios heads off in defiance of the umpire for a toilet break that he used for more violent purposes

The slash-point came when Kyrgios defied Murphy by striding away into a corridor after losing a second-set tie-break to crush his rackets.

Russian Khachanov later called his second-round opponent a “great talent” but “sometimes the head is not in the right place”.

Kyrgios faced charges of unsportsmanlike conduct, plus one of verbal abuse, an audible obscenity and leaving the court unauthorised.

And the ATP is also weighing up extra fines or even a suspension.

Kyrgios’ outbursts in Cincinatti are just the latest example of issues he seems to have with Murphy.

He swore at the Irishman during the pre-Wimbledon Queen’s tournament in June.


And Murphy was again on the receiving end two weeks ago when Kyrgios went onto win the Washington Open, his sixth ATP title.

This time, in Cincinatti, the main flare-ups began in the second set.

Kyrgios became increasingly agitated as he appeared to think a clock counting down the time between points was starting too early.

Expletives followed as he ranted at Murphy, later calling him “the worst, hands down”.

Kyrgios then took it further by making the definition of a “toilet break” far more literal

The 24-year-old gave a hint of what was to come by carrying two rackets as he walked off the court and down the tunnel.

Then immediately after Kyrgios went through a double door, security staff were seen turning around in shock from a huge clanging noise on the corridor floor as the controversial ace thumped his rackets down.

Kyrgios himself then turned back and out onto the court – without using the toilets.

But he was a busted flush after that – as Khachanov walked away with the third set and victory.


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