'We have to pay for your parade!' Charles III heckled in Cardiff over taxpayers' money

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King Charles was heckled by a member of the public who called him out on the taxpayer’s money spent on the parade during the energy crisis. Charles was greeting royal mourners during the parade in Cardiff on his first visit as the King after the Queen’s death. But while the public greeted and cheered on the newly-appointed monarch, a man questioned the need to spend taxpayer money on his parade.

Filming him with his phone, the man shouted: “Charles! 

“While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade,” the man said, as Charles kept moving to cheer other well-wishers.

The man continued: “The taxpayer pays £100million for you – and what for?”

King Charles was paying his first visit to Wales on Friday after being appointed Britain’s new monarch.

As part of his tour of the UK nations, Charles addressed the Senedd – the Welsh Parliament – in the Welsh language.

In a bilingual speech, King Charles gave the Senedd his “heartfelt thanks for your kind words”.

As he rose to the throne, King Charles lost his Prince of Wales titles but said it was a “privilege” for him to hold the title “for so long.”

He added Prince William, who inherits the title, has a “deep love” for Wales. 

“Roedd lle arbenig i Gymru yn ei chalon,” he said, which translates as “Wales had a special place in her heart”.

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