Wedding shamers slam couple who tied the knot wearing swimwear and had a penis on their cake


A GUEST has slammed a “gross” wedding that saw a bride and groom wear swimwear to say their I dos, and decorate their wedding cake with a penis.

Taking to Reddit, user SuperterraneanAlien shared three snaps from the couple’s big day.

A pair of newlyweds have been shamed for their “gross wedding” that saw them wear swimwear to the ceremony and featuring a penis on their cake

The first sees the newlyweds posing in their wedding attire, with the bride dressed in a bejewelled bikini while the groom wears nothing more than a speedo.

In the second photo, the bride has added a sheer lace cover up to her ensemble and is seen posing with her very risqué wedding cake.

In the third snap you are treated to a close-up look at the very detailed cake, which features the bride’s hand recreated in icing, holding a replica of the groom’s penis.

The cake is iced with the words “To Have and to Hold.”

It’s violently gross, idk what goes through these people’s heads. Probably not a lot

Reddit user

Captioning his post the Redditor wrote: “Absolutely shaming this. The caption was ‘not gonna lie she captured more than just my heart’”

Fellow users were equally horrified by the risqué nuptials, with the post receiving dozens of comments.

One wrote: “Both trashy. They deserve each other.”

Another wrote: “It’s violently gross, idk what goes through these people’s heads. Probably not a lot.”

“Massively tacky and gross” said a third, while a fourth wrote: “This is absolutely disgusting and so so trashy.”

The photo was shared on the subreddit r/weddingshaming.

The group has almost 30,000 members and is described as a “place to shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding party, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors… you name it, we shame it!”

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