What Roger Federer told Novak Djokovic's coach after embracing rival at Laver Cup

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Earlier this week, Federer revealed that he had to announce his retirement earlier than expected because his team suspected the news would be leaked. 

“The last year has been tough to say the least. I knew I was on very thin ice ever since I played Wimbledon. There was a limit to what I could do. I also stopped believing in it, to be honest. I got a scan a few months back and it was not the result I was hoping for,” he told the BBC.

“Very quickly, we realised ‘this is it’ and it became about how we announce it, when we announce it. It was also quite stressful to try and keep those moments private and that it doesn’t leak.

“Apparently there were leaks happening in the morning so we scrambled to get it out a little bit earlier than we were expecting.”

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