Who is Julia Carlile and is she taking part in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions?


JULIA Carlile shot to fame when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent with her dance group MerseyGirls.

And now two years after Simon Cowell paid £175,000 for her to have surgery on her back she’s back on the stage that made her famous for the ultimate showdown in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. Here’s what we know about the dancer…

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Julia Carlile touched the nation’s hearts when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent[/caption]

Who is Julia Carlile?

Julia was born on  19, 2002.

She is a member of the dance group MerseyGirls.

They shot to fame when they appeared on Britain’s Got talent in 2017

She suffers from scoliosis.

Who are MerseyGirls and how far did they get on Britain’s Got Talent act?

MerseyGirls, formerly known as Just Us, are a group of five girl pals who have been dancing together since the age of five.

The group consists of Julia, along with Annie and Alice, both 19, Rebecca, 18, and 16-year-old Poppy.

The girls wowed on their first audition and received the coveted Golden Buzzer from judge Alesha Dixon.

They then got through to the final where they came in fourth place

Julia, centre, and with MerseyGirls, who wowed judges with their routine to Fight Song

Are MerseyGirls doing Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions?

Yes! The MerseyGirls will be back on the stage that first propelled them to fame to compete with other stars in the show’s history.

And it will be the first time that Julia has revisited the stage since Simon Cowell famously forked out £175,000 for her to have back surgery.

The dancers will be battling it out against the likes of Stavros Flatley, Collabro, Ashleigh and Sully, George Sampson, Jai MacDowall and Paul Potts.

But it remains to be seen who will be crowned the ultimate victor in the show’s history.

Julia and the rest of the MerseyGirls will be taking part in BGT: The Champions
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When does Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions start?

ITV have yet to confirm the start date for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, however, a source told the Daily Star Online:

“ITV have BGT: The Champions pencilled in to kick off on Saturday August 31.

“Last minutes changes are always possible – especially with prerecorded shows like this one but everyone is working for that date.”

We also know that the finale was taped at Wembley Arena at the end of July, which would mean that a premiere date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Embarrassingly enough, the contestant who won the show showed off their trophy outside of the arena, which prompted the name of the winner to get leaked.

We won’t spoil it for you, but if you do care to know who’s won the show, a simple Twitter search will bring up the answer in no time.

Did Simon Cowell pay for Julia Carlile to have back surgery?

Simon Cowell famously paid for her back surgery

Whilst on Britain’s Got Talent Simon pledged to pay for Julia to have surgery on her back.

The dancer touched the nation by revealing she suffered from scoliosis – a curvature of the spine, which leaves her in constant pain.

Simon was so moved he said during the show he would pay for her to have an operation.

Good to his word, Julia has revealed she is now recovering after Si paid £175,000 for her to have the pioneering procedure.

Julia made her first public appearance since her surgery at the National Reality Television Awards in 2017.

Arriving at Porchester Hall with her dance group, Julia was all smiles as she posed for photos with her friends.

Has Julia Carlile fully recovered from her back surgery?

Julia was back on her toes training just months after her surgery.

Speaking at the time, Julia told the Mirror: “Dancing again, surrounded by my friends, is the best feeling in the world.”

She continued: “I was desperate to perform again, but when I got to class I was really nervous. I didn’t know how my body would cope and I was scared of hurting myself.”

“But when I went in everyone walked up and hugged me. I was so pleased to be back. It was overwhelming.”

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Julia, front centre, got through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent[/caption]

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spine condition that causes it to twist and curve out of shape.

It is most common in the chest and lower region of the back, and can be an effect of a series of other ailments including cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

Visible signs of the condition including protruding spines, asymmetrical ribs, unbalanced shoulder blades and the head being off-centre.

Those like Julia who are born with scoliosis often grow into it as they grow up and their spine straightens itself in the process.

However, if the spine doesn’t straighten naturally, it could often mean those affected can be forced to use braces or undergo surgery and therapy in order to help it.

Other effects of scoliosis include chronic pain and decreased exercise capacity, which would affect Julia’s dancing as a result.



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