Wild video shows cops pulling guns on Yankees GM Brian Cashman


Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s harrowing run-in with gun-toting Connecticut cops — in which they demand he put his hands up before recognizing him — was captured on newly released police bodycam video.

“Put your hands out the window!” yells an officer from the town of Darien, who stopped the Bombers executive’s car last Friday, thinking it had been stolen.

“You look very familiar to me,” one of the officers later tells Cashman, who wore a black T-shirt, white shorts and sandals when he was ordered out of his white Jeep at gunpoint.

“I’m the GM of the New York Yankees,” he says.

“Yeah, I know,” the cop answers. “I used to see you at Brook Street Bagels when I was an Eastchester cop. I apologize for the embarrassment.”

“Clear it,” he tells the other officers. “Clear it, turn all the lights off and we’re good.”

Cashman, 52, had just gotten his Jeep back after it was stolen in Connecticut and found in the Bronx. He was on his way to police in Norwalk, Connecticut, so the vehicle could be looked over as part of their investigation into the crime.

However, the Darien cops — thinking the Jeep was still stolen — swarmed the vehicle at a local gas station.


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