'Will be tears flowing!' Queen's funeral will see 2million mourners descend on London

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Two million mourners are expected to be in London for the event with billions watching on television sets around the world. However, the funeral has also led to the most extensive security operation in British history, with 15,000 police officers expected to be on duty.

King Charles visited the Metropolitan Police’s Special Operations HQ in Lambeth where officers are putting the final touches to security preparations.

The monarch said it was “encouraging” that everything was running smoothly.

He said: “It’s nice to know where it all happens.

“This is the absolute hub, isn’t it?”

Along with regular police officers, there will also be specialists on duty including divers, dog-handlers, mounted cops, motorcycle outriders and firearms officers.

Undercover SAS soldiers will also be there with special forces prepared to seal off the capital if there is a major incident.

There will even be an air exclusion zone for the UK’s first state funeral since Winston Churchill’s in 1965.

More than half the population of the entire world are expected to watch on television.

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“For that reason alone they’ll be drawn to witness the dawn of this new age in their billions.”

Her Majesty’s send-off is likely to eclipse the moment when former Boxing legend Muhammed Ali lit the Olympic torch during the opening ceremony in Atlanta in 1996.

Princess Diana’s funeral was seen by 2.5 billion people in 1997, while the UK record which could be broken was the 1966 World Cup Final when England beat West Germany with 32.3 million watching.

Speaking to The Sun, one mourner who had travelled from Alberta, Canada described the Queen as “our grandmother” and predicted an outpouring of grief.

She said: “We all know who the Queen is — our grandmother.

“I don’t think we’ll ever be totally prepared for her funeral.

“There will be tears flowing.”

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