'Will knock £20k off house': Homeowner's 'patriotic' Union Jack driveway sparks huge row

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The patriotic home already featured a Union Jack splashed on the front door and window, but the owner decided to go one step further by paving their entire driveway with red, blue and white bricks. The builder behind the design shared a video of the work on TikTok. The video has gone viral with more than a million views and 40,000 likes.

A team set to work on laying coloured paving bricks to create the flag, with the central stripe acting as a pathway leading up to the front door.

While some have praised the homeowner for their decision, others have said the design will knock significant value off the home.

One said: “That’s 20K off the value of the house.

“Good luck selling that.”

Another agreed, saying: “One way to bring the house prices down on the street I suppose.”

Some viewers commented on how they would feel if they were neighbours of the homeowner, with some saying they would be “furious”.

One said: “I’d be taking them to court for devaluing my property if I was living next door.”

But some admired the homeowner’s decision to share their pride of Britain.

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One person asked: “Why would you not square it off at the right and have a pebbledash or something instead of having a giant red line throwing it all off?”

Several users expressed frustration that “it’s so uneven” and it sent them into “OCD overdrive.”

Some branded the drive “cool” while others called it “embarrassing”.

Tony Skinner & Sons Design & Build were the company seemingly behind the design after posting the video showing the process.

Their business offers a “wide range of styles and colours”.

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