William tipped for major speech in Welsh like Charles after Queen's royal 'masterstroke'

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King Charles III – who is visiting Wales today – confirmed his decision to pass his title on to his eldest son now the heir to the throne, during a televised address on Saturday, September 10, two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The decision raised eyebrows among some within Wales itself, with First Minister Mark Drakeford admitting the King’s announcement had come as surprise.

Mr Drakeford also suggested there was “no rush” to hold an investiture ceremony similar to the one staged to confer the title on 30-year-old Prince Charles more than half a century ago.

However, Jonathan Sacerdoti, a royal journalist and commentator, suggested William would be keen to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Referring to the 1969 ceremony, held at Caernarfon Castle, he said: “It was a masterstroke of the Queen to have the press quite upfront in terms of being able to see everything, and Prince Charles impressed by giving a speech in Welsh.

“This was something that I think was seen as very important at the time, because it showed his commitment to that role.

“So I expect what we’ll probably see now is an effort on Prince William’s part to somehow make a commitment in his life to show respect and connection to Wales.

“Prince of Wales is a title, but he also wants to reflect his actual commitment and respect for Wales as a nation and so I think that we can watch that one with interest as well to see what the equivalent will be.

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The title of Prince of Wales was historically used by independent Welsh princes – but since the 14th century has been used by the heir to the English and later British throne.

Speaking to Radio Cymru on Monday, Labour’s Mr Drakeford said “attitudes had changed” since the last investiture, and urged Prince William to come to Wales to find out “where he can make a difference”.

He added: “I hadn’t heard anything about it before the new King said it. He said it very early in his new period. He had thought about that for a long time in terms of what he wanted to say.

“The role of the Prince of Wales isn’t a constitutional one. But in the Royal Family, it’s an important one.”

Charles delivered the first section of his 1969 speech in Welsh, saying: “The words of your address have certainly touched me deeply and I can assure you I have taken note of the hopes expressed in them.

“It is, indeed, my firm intention to associate myself in word and deed with as much of the life of the Principality as possible – and what a Principality!

“It is with a certain sense of pride and emotion that I have received these symbols of office, here in this magnificent fortress, where no-one could fail to be stirred by its atmosphere of time-worn grandeur, nor where I myself could be unaware of the long history of Wales in its determination to remain individual and to guard its own particular heritage.

“A heritage that dates back into the mists of ancient British history, that has produced many brave men.”

Referring to good friend Sir Harry Secombe, he added: “Princes, poets, bards, scholars and more recently, great singers, a very memorable ‘goon’ and eminent film stars. All these people have been inspired in some way by this heritage.”

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