'You're living out people's fairytales!' Meghan's 'lucky' claim slammed by royal fans

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Meghan Markle, 41, hit out at suggestions that when she became engaged to Harry that she was lucky to be chosen by him on the latest episode of Archetypes. She said Prince Harry had “countered the narrative” by saying: “They’ve got it all wrong. I’m the lucky one because you chose me.” But the Duchess of Sussex has been slammed by Canadian journalists for not realising it was because it was a prince.

ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman said: “I’m just going to dive right in. If you weren’t talking about marrying a prince, I would agree with all of this.

“It is unfortunate when you hear this narrative of the woman’s so lucky to be with the man.

“I actually follow a lot of influencers and there is touching moments where they’re like, ‘I feel so lucky to have found my love’ but I think in this instance, he’s a prince! Of course, you feel lucky.

“I get where she was coming from but in this situation, it was very special.

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“You were literally living out people’s fairytales and whether you agree with it or not that’s what they meant.

“Not you’re so lucky but oh my gosh, you’re going to live in a castle.”

It comes as Harry and Meghan thrilled fans in Germany as they went on a walkabout in the hot sunshine before taking a cruise along the River Rhine.

The pair shook hands and chatted with an eager crowd outside Dusseldorf Town Hall as they marked the one-year countdown to The Invictus Games coming to the city.

A small German police boat travelled slightly ahead of the vessel.

A number of people, understood to be Invictus competitors and their family and friends, stood on the top deck of the large ship, which had the official flags of the games flying upon it.

The couple were understood to be taking a brief sightseeing tour on the boat before heading to the Merkur Spiel-Arena for a press conference at which Harry will deliver remarks.

Delivering a speech at the Town Hall reception, Harry, wearing a suit and white shirt, said he is “filled with such excitement” at the thought of the next Invictus Games having the backdrop of the River Rhine.

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