Zara, Lady Louise, Beatrice and Eugenie get chance to pay respects as grandchildren unite

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The Queen’s grandchildren will take centre stage in a vigil ahead of the late monarch’s state funeral on Monday. The Queen’s eldest granddaughter, Zara Tindall, will be joined by Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice on the Saturday night vigil.

They will join the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, who were present at the walking procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s youngest son and Zara’s brother, will also stand around the coffin, as will Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

Lady Louise, 18, and Viscount Severn, 14, are the two children of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

They will be placed in around the middle of the Queen’s coffin, The Times’s royal editor Roya Nikkhah tweeted.

Prince William, the heir to the throne, will stand at the head of the vigil, with Prince Harry at the opposite end.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex will both be in military uniform per the King’s request, Ms Nikkhah added.

Prince Harry was not permitted to wear military dress during Wednesday’s procession, as he is not a working member of the Royal Family.

Ms Nikkhah said: “Others will wear morning coat and dark formal dress with decorations.”

Ms Nikkhah then wrote she was “told the change of decision on Prince Harry’s uniform had nothing to do with Harry himself”.

She described the Duke of Sussex as having “made no representations on it”.

She added: “Those close to him say he stands by his spokesperson’s statement this week and was happy to mark the moment in whatever dress was being asked of him.”

The Queen’s four children will hold another vigil on Friday evening, ahead of the mark of respect from the late monarch’s grandchildren.

King Charles III will lead Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in the 15-minute vigil, beginning at 7.30pm.

The four royals previously undertook the Vigil of the Princes at Edinburgh last weekend.

Princess Anne became the first female Royal Family member to undertake the silent, 10-minute ritual at St Giles’ Cathedral.

But a royal source suggested that the King had cleared the way for the grandchildren to be able to pay their respects in a similar fashion.

Ms Nikkhah quoted this anonymous royal source: “The grandchildren, at the King’s invitation, are very keen to pay their respects – just as their parents are doing the evening before.”


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