Embracing the Boldness: 80’s Makeup and Its Enduring Influence

In this article, we’ll delve into the vibrant world of 80’s makeup . We explore the iconic styles and looks of the period, as well as their impact on today’s beauty trends. Get ready to revisit and get inspired by the bold, unabashed beauty of the 80s.

Embracing Bold Beauty

The world of 80s makeup was all about daring to be different and embracing boldness – both in colors and styles. It was a time of intense eyeshadows, exaggerated blush, and vivacious lip colors. Unusual color combinations and striking contrasts defined the era.

This decade was also about challenging norms and bringing out individuals’ unique beauty and personality. Self-expression was considered paramount, with makeup being a significant medium of communicating one’s style and mindset.


The bold beauty trends of the 80s didn’t emerge in a vacuum. They were influenced by the socio-political climate, popular culture, music, and fashion of the time. For instance, pop icons like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper become trendsetters for their adventurous use of makeup.

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Furthermore, these trends found their place not just on the red carpet but everyday life as well. The vibrant nightlife and emerging club scene further fueled the desire to look unique and stand out.

80s Makeup Looks

Eyes & Brows

In 80s makeup , eyes were one of the most captivating features. They were dramatized using colorful, intense eyeshadows, accompanied by bold eyeliners and plentiful mascaras. Blues, pinks, purples, and greens were all commonly used.

The eyebrows in the ’80s followed a more natural and fuller shape, contrasting recent trends of thin, manicured brows. It was not unusual to see women rocking thick, bushy, yet stylish eyebrows.

Lips & Cheeks

Lips and cheeks were just as prominent in 80s makeup . Bright pink and coral blushes were favored, often applied generously. The blush application was concentrated not only on the apple of the cheeks but swept up towards the temples as well.

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For lips, adventurous shades of reds, pinks, and even oranges were prevalent, usually matching or contrasting with the eye makeup. Glossy, frosted lipsticks were immensely popular during this time.

Shaping the Face

The 80s were about creating a distinctive, noticeable face shape. Contouring was not as common as it is today, but women often used blush to shape their face and features.

The makeup in this period did not focus on subtlety or natural look. Instead, it embraced the more theatrical side of makeup, celebrating individuality and uniqueness. It was more about making a statement, even if it meant going against the norms.

The Enduring Influence of 80s Makeup

Incorporating 80s Flair into Today’s Makeup

The legacy of 80s makeup is still very much alive today. Many looks have been updated and adapted by modern makeup artists, infusing 80s aesthetics into contemporary styles.

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Neon shades, glossy lips, and colorful eyeliners are becoming increasingly popular, reminiscent of the 80s sense of playfulness and creativity. Makeup lovers everywhere are experimenting, mixing old school aesthetics with modern techniques, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

80’s Makeup Element Description
Eyes Colorful, striking eyeshadow partnered with bold eyeliners.
Brows Fuller, natural-looking brows.
Lips Bright lipsticks, often glossy or frosted.
Cheeks Generously applied blush, often bright pink or coral.

In our next steps , we would love for you to explore some of these 80s techniques and styles. We encourage you to channel the vibrant energy of the 80s and use makeup as a form of your creative expression. Here’s to embracing the bold and beautiful in all of us!

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